Innovative, Results-Driven Business Law And Intellectual Property Counsel

Earning a living through your passion for film, music, fashion, catering or another creative pursuit is an admirable goal. Your talents and the market opportunity are real, but legal considerations can be intimidating. At Adam J Schwartz, Attorney at Law, in Los Angeles, we will help you make informed choices, protect your assets and position your creative business for growth.

Every Business — Established Or Startup — Needs Ongoing Legal Guidance

From incorporating your business to entering into various contracts, you likely have exposure and opportunities you haven't yet considered. Are you protected against someone infringing on your creative work or poaching your clients? Where will you stand if someone files a lawsuit against you?

Work With A Lawyer Focused On Your Dreams And Aligned With Your Goals

Adam J Schwartz is an entrepreneur and veteran of the Los Angeles entertainment industry himself, as well as a lawyer with extensive, large-firm experience in complex litigation. Set up to serve your emerging business, our practice is responsive, highly interactive and practical in terms of cost. Our business law and consulting services cover matters such as:

  • Establishing a solid legal framework for protection of your intellectual property, your brand, and both business and personal assets.
  • Ensuring that the contracts you enter are clear, valid and in your best interests, which will save you time and money should any dispute emerge.
  • Identifying the best approach to dispute resolution should you run into conflict with an employee or ex-employee, a contractor, client or competitor.

Our clients are tremendously creative and enterprising. However, they often find decisions critical for their financial well-being and business future hard to make. Further, we also know that you must contain legal costs as a small percentage of your operating budget. To work with an attorney who will prioritize your concerns and never push costly services that you don't need, call 323-455-4016 or reach out to us by email now.