Intellectual Property (“IP”) Consultation




Have a question about IP? Need assistance addressing someone who stole or copied your work? Want help filing a copyright registration? Let’s discuss your IP issues and devise a plan to protect your rights.

Includes: 30-minute initial telephone consultation; 1-hour follow-up telephone or in-person consultation Add-ons (available for flat fees listed below only when combined with IP Consultation):


(filing fees, postal fees, and all other add’l expenses not included)

• Fully-customized Nondisclosure Agreement (NDA) – $85 • Copyright registration of 1 work – $45 + fees

• DMCA takedown of infringing material – $95 for 1 site or ISP; $45 for each add’l site or ISP

• 1 cease & desist or demand letter – $295
• Brief written memorandum summarizing discussion – $115

Additional services, when necessary, billed at prevailing hourly rates; please call to inquire.



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