Why We Are the Attorney You Need


Many creative professionals worry that communicating effectively with a business lawyer will be difficult. Will you understand each other or speak entirely different languages? Will your attorney grasp what you do and share your vision for growing your business? Will he or she realize that you have a limited budget for legal services?

Here’s the good news. You don’t have to choose between an attorney who knows business law and one who identifies with your goals and challenges as a creative professional. Adam J Schwartz is both, and the mission of our firm is driven by those key strengths.

Our mission is to serve the legal needs of emerging and growing creative businesses. We help our clients protect their investments, intellectual property, and personal assets. We enforce their rights in ways that enable great success, emphasizing principles such as these:

  • Establishing the right legal framework for your business early on is essential.
    This will make it much easier and more affordable to protect your interests and enforce your rights if someone violates them.
  • Sound contracts with clients, business partners, suppliers, and collaborators protect your intellectual property and your ownership rights in it.
    Adam J Schwartz drafts clear, readable contracts and reviews agreements incisively.
  • We don’t let clients, competitors or anyone else have an opportunity to steal or misuse your creative work.
    If someone violates your intellectual property rights, we enforce your rights to the full extent of the law.

From Business Formation To Disputes, We Protect Your Dreams

Attorney Adam J Schwartz is adept at spotting potential issues before they become a problem for your business. From identifying the best business structure for your needs to making certain that contracts benefit your business and protect your rights, we strive to keep you out of court and focused on thriving at what you do best.

Finally, you can count on us to prioritize keeping your legal costs manageable and within budget. We don’t recommend services that our clients don’t need — and we will tell you if pursuing a dispute is likely to cost you more than you will gain.

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