“Creative Enterprise Law”

I’ve coined a new term: Creative Enterprise Law.  (Actually, I can’t entirely take credit–part of the term’s already out there. Check out this informational booklet.)

So what is creative enterprise law?

It’s the intersection of traditional entertainment foci, such as intellectual property law, negotiations and transactions, and an intimate knowledge of the inner workings of the entertainment industry, with a whole cluster of other legal specializations including business law, tax law, securities regulations, and employment law.  Together, a Creative Enterprise legal team can address your small business’s core legal issues across a broad spectrum of frameworks.

While you likely won’t find one person who specializes in ALL those areas, your Creative Enterprise attorney should be spotting issues across a wide swath of specialities and identifying the experts in those areas to build your small business a lean, cost-efficient legal team that can address everyday and long-term issues with a unified strategy.

I plan on doing more thinking and writing more about “Creative Enterprise Law” how it applies to your small creative business, so please continue to check back in with us here at The Fine Print every Monday and Thursday.

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