Complete Business Formation Services For Creative Professionals

If pursuing your creative passion is your primary career goal, founding a company or entering a legal partnership may not be nearly as high on your wish list. It may even be an intimidating concept. What are all the responsibilities that come with business formation? Can you handle key business and financial decisions without having to sacrifice doing what you love?

How Will It Benefit You To Form A Partnership, LLC Or Corporation?

Maybe a tax preparer or accountant has told you that you should look into “entity formation” or incorporation for tax reasons. Maybe a collaborator on your current project brought it up. Whether you should invest in business formation is a complex question, and we will help you find the answer at Adam J Schwartz, Attorney at Law, in Los Angeles.

Our focus is squarely on business law consulting and representation for creative entrepreneurs. Accomplished lawyer Adam J Schwartz will appreciate your talents and respect your limitations, both personally and financially. More than anything, we want to help you succeed in your business startup and fulfill your dreams. Paving the way for that success may require:

  • Thorough analysis to identify the business type and structure ideally suited to your needs
  • Selection of your business type in full view of considerations such as personal liability. protection and the level of creative control and ownership rights you want to maintain.
  • Detail-conscious negotiation and drafting of partnership agreements, noncompete agreements and other contracts to ensure they align with your business interests.

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We never recommend costly legal services that you don’t need. We value long-term relationships with creative professionals, and that is why you can place your trust in us as you consider a major move for your future. To talk through your needs with an attentive attorney who is an entrepreneur in his own right, please contact us by telephone or email.

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