Expanding Your Business

Legal Services That Support Your Business Expansion Goals

Creative works, products and services become popular and gain momentum in many ways. As an example, if you produce films for entertainment or educational purposes, one satisfied client often leads to another, larger one. Many of our clients in the Los Angeles area have gradually turned side projects or hobbies that fulfilled their creative passions into full-fledged, profitable businesses.

Legal Consulting Services That Position You For The Future

If what you offer is in demand and you want to establish a business with the right legal framework to succeed, we can advise and represent you every step of the way. If you have been in business for a few years — perhaps informally or as a sole proprietorship — and want to take the next steps financially, that will likely mean:

At Adam J Schwartz, Attorney at Law, you will get the prompt, clear guidance you need from a lawyer who is passionate about the creative arts and experienced in the entertainment industry. Since doing more business means taking more risks, it is also essential to know that Adam is an accomplished trial lawyer experienced in all forms of dispute resolution.

Our areas of strength for clients with growing enterprises are wide-ranging. We can draft and negotiate your contracts based on in-depth understanding of your business priorities. We will assess your need for various types of asset protection — including protection of your creative works and intellectual property against theft or infringement.

Let’s Talk About The Growth You Want And Your Protection Along The Way

Some clients come to us when they face a major business decision or legal crisis, and our ability to resolve those conflicts leads to close, collaborative working relationships. In other cases, we are instrumental in the early phases of building creative businesses. To arrange a consultation directly with attorney Adam J Schwartz, please call 323-455-4016 or reach out to us online now.

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