Formidable, Rigorously Prepared Advocacy For Your Business Dispute

When money, as well as other valuable assets and egos, are on the line in any business endeavor, conflict can be difficult to avoid. For the creative professionals we advise and represent at Adam J Schwartz, Attorney at Law, in Los Angeles, every legal dispute can be an opportunity or a disaster, depending on how it is framed and handled.

We Will Tell You If A Lawsuit Is Not Worth The Time And Expense

Here is a piece of wisdom that some business law attorneys are reluctant to share. Between legal fees, court costs and protracted litigation, it often isn’t worth the money or time to seek justice in court against those who have wronged or interfered with your business. Some lawyers might lead you down that path anyway, but you can depend on conscientious, honest protection of your interests at our firm.

That means that Adam J Schwartz will tell you if a lawsuit is a viable, sensible option. If it is not, we will recommend other avenues for potential resolution of your dispute. If you need to defend against a lawsuit, Adam will thoroughly assess your risks and defense options. When relationships and future business opportunities hang in the balance, we are dedicated to finding the path to resolution that makes the most sense for you. Our services include:

  • Ensuring that the contracts you enter include provisions for resolving disputes without resorting to filing a lawsuit in court.
  • Anticipating disputes and addressing them with third parties before the issue becomes ripe for litigation.
  • Mediating and otherwise resolving disputes out of court.
  • Pursuing all legal means available to enforce your rights if negotiations fail to produce a satisfactory resolution.

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Every dispute is a threat to your dreams at some level. Whether you can resolve the matter through mediation or arbitration, or if you need an aggressive trial attorney, we can help. To consult free of charge with a lawyer who will prioritize your case and your business goals, call or email us.

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