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Practical, Focused Protection Of Your Investment And Assets

If you are a creative professional with big aspirations and key assets to protect, we identify with you at Adam J Schwartz, Attorney at Law, in Los Angeles. Adam is an entrepreneur himself, as well as an accomplished trial lawyer, and you will know from your initial consultation forward that your unique business and personal interests come first at our law firm.

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We value what you do. We care who you are and what you want to achieve. You may well have an experience at our firm that you never expected — one that is not only focused intently on protecting your assets and investments, but also fulfilling from creative and financial points of view. Adam J Schwartz knows the best strategies to position you for growth and overcome any disputes that arise. We emphasize:

If you are a creative entrepreneur, you should work with a kindred spirit to address your legal concerns. Copyright and trademark protection are vital concerns you should entrust to a qualified lawyer. At Adam J Schwartz, Attorney at Law, you can depend on counsel informed by a deep understanding of your personal and business goals. For your initial consultation, don’t wait or hesitate: Call 323-455-4016 or email our law firm right now.

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