Legal Aspects Of Branding

Marketing professionals love to talk branding. The legal considerations involved with creating, building, and protecting your brand may not be getting enough attention, though.For many artists, original, “brand-worthy” images and slogans often come naturally. But you must protect those brand components for them to gain and maintain value — and that is where we come in at Adam J Schwartz, Attorney at Law, in Los Angeles.

Protecting Your Creative Work And Your Image, Strategically And Affordably

Protecting your brand — as well as other essential intellectual property — is an important component of the full-service legal solution we provide. We address all sorts of branding issues and related decisions with our clients. Consider that:

  • To keep competitors from infringing on your brand, we will advise you on best practices regarding the use and maintenance of your brand.
  • Your brand identity will be intertwined with the style, quality and character of your creative output or product. Adam J Schwartz is adept at identifying opportunities to make the most of what you produce — often through licensing or distribution agreements that preserve your rights to use it for other purposes and clients.
  • If you envision expanding your business substantially at any point, your brand (or brands) may be an even more critical component than you realize. Savvy investors always consider brand recognition and equity.

Investing In Branding Counsel Now Can Save You Time And Money Later

Ultimately, the work we do for creative entrepreneurs is all about growth and asset protection. Our participation in key decisions that impact brand value helps you ensure that your practices are sound and protect you against unfair competition.

As with other legal services for your business, the point is this: Invest strategically in brand protection counsel from a qualified lawyer early on, because overcoming problems and mistakes later may be impossible or impossibly costly. For a consultation focused on the legal issues and opportunities facing your creative business, call 323-455-4016 or email us and schedule a free consultation.

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