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A Beginner’s Guide to Freelancing

A Beginner’s Guide to Freelancing

 What to Consider Before Jumping Headfirst Into the Gig Economy     So you’ve been living that full-time, nine-to-five life for awhile now. You’ve got some solidly marketable skills, an entrepreneurial spirit, and you’re craving a new challenge, so you’re seriously...

Defamation: What every writer should know

Defamation: What every writer should know

We write about what we know. Even if we don't intend to write about Uncle Ted and his obsession with role-playing games when we create a character who is obsessed with World of Warcraft, the connection is there. Just as most authors put something of themselves in...

WGAW registration: Is it necessary?

WGAW registration: Is it necessary?

As a screenwriter, you have probably heard stories of content and idea theft. Perhaps you have even experienced it firsthand. Protecting your script is important, but how many hoops do you really need to jump through to ensure your work is legally yours? Is...

Using someone else’s life story in your script

Millions of people share their life stories through blogs, social media updates and/or YouTube videos. Little do they know that creative minds are watching and reading their material, looking for ideas for the next story or screenplay. After all, characters are rarely...

Monkey selfie case: Monkey business?

In 2011, on the small Indonesian island of Sulawesi, a monkey named Naruto stole a photographer's camera and took hundreds of selfies. Some of those selfies were worthy of publication. The British photographer, David Slater, published and sold copies of the image in a...

Can I Use That? Part 2: Remix culture, the Internet and copyright law

A recent article in The Atlantic addresses a scenario that is becoming more and more common for artists: Someone makes a remix of another's art. As described in the article, an urban planner created -- and signed -- a mural using an artist's online digital drawing of...

The dangerous rise of robo-lawyers

In almost any creative profession, timing is everything. When you have created a new work of art, are ready to release a new album or have a screenplay that you wish to sell to interested parties, you have to act fast. If someone else beats you to the marketplace, you...

The never-ending story: Litigating scripts between co-writers

Imagine you and your friend have a great idea for the next billion-dollar blockbuster. You might have some of the key plot points and your friend may be an expert at character development and dialogue. You start thinking about putting your ideas on paper in the hopes...

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